Monday, October 13, 2008


A co-worker asked me to draw a sketch for her she wrote:
"DAMN! I so freaking love your style. What would it take to get you to draw a pic of me and my dog, Gizmo? :D He farts a lot while we’re on the couch together. He also pees on stuff he’s not supposed to." LOL, ... she also had a pic of her cat with the caption, she hates him under it. how could I not...becareful what you wish for.


RAWLS said...

Hahaha... great job man!!

damon said...

ha ha

love it

you have a great style

SteveLambe said...

Ha.....funny shit. How'd she like her muppet mouthed caricature?

jason hickman said...

hey she knew my style when she requested it, not the most flattering caricature I know.

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