Sunday, September 28, 2008

Starwars - Wampa-Rancor-Tusken Riders

Here is a little something I did for the
Thunderdome Group - on my temp work
visa down in Albany, New York .


RAWLS said...

haha...these are great dude!!!

rowen26 said...

The wampa cracks me up!

And the hairy nostrils on the banta is just gross! Hahah!

Edo draaijer said...

Really like your shapes. Great colorwork and characterdesign!

damon said...

your stuff is so cool

love the wampa

Juanma said...

Thanks for the comments on me blog mate, i just visit your blog for teh first time.
I´m pleased with what i see, nice shapes nice colours and funny style, specially diggin the starwars ones, and the Mad tea party.
(what was the SW monsters for? is it a special blog?)

jason hickman said...

Thanks everyone! Glad you all liked em, it was fun drawing em, there is a small group where I am currently on work term, we get together every week with a topic, and we usually post internally, but I just had to share!!!

Anthony Holden said...

everything here is rocking my world.

Ben said...

Nice talent. I was looking for some good wampa media and I found this funny video as well:

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